Lapiz Lazuli Orgone Round Square Pendant


Quick Overview

Code : ORSP#0020                           Crystal Type : Orgonite


Weight : 08 g                                     Technique : Handmade


Size : 1 inch                                       Supply ability : 1000 pieces/month


Minimum Order Quantity : 20 pieces

                              LAPIZ LAZULI ROUND SQUARE PENDANT

  • Excellence & Powerful Orgone Pendant With Lapis Lazuli(strengthens awareness and ESP, creativity, helps open your full potential), aluminium, copper & Copper Coil
  • Crystals imbedded in Orgonite are energized,empowered, making a little chip as effective as a rock, and having crystals in Orgonite increases the power of the Orgonite and subsequently the Orgone field
  • Orgone vitality is the life power vitality, which encompasses all life structure when dynamic. Orgone pendants /Pyramids/arches/ (any superbly made Orgonite so far as that is concerned) characteristically draws in Positive Etheric vitality then changes over the negative Orgone into positive particles
  • Orgone Benefits:- mitigates harmful EMF radiation, transforms negative vitality into positive vitality, benefits sleep and overall health, enhances psychic and intuitive capacities, chakra healing, Transmute negative energy / converts to positive energy, Enhances happier moods very noticeable.
  • Enhance Meditation:- Raise Your Consciousness Level, Clear Energetic Blocks, Emotional Healings, Experimental Spiritual Tool.
  • Relationships improve:– for example, many people have gifted their homes or workplaces with Orgone Pendant, and they find that their relationships with family and co-workers improve.
  • Promotes good sleep, and many have reported that they have been cured of chronic insomnia with the help of Orgone Pendant.